You're a mighty Warrior created by the mysterious City of Helios and you're sent into the depths beneath the city to uncover the reason why it has started to sink into the ocean. You find yourself on unknown shores deep beneath the waves. You must fight your way through hordes of mutated sea creatures to find the key. The key that opens the mysterious glowing doorway. But what does it mean? Will whatever lurks behind that door give you the answers that you seek? 


One Level of my 2D Jump 'n' Run platform game "Bubblehead". Made with frame by frame animations and Unreal Engine 4. 

As the hero you must go and defeat the monster which destroys the farm of the village and kills people. But beware. The monster is not what it seems. 


You are a game developer and always right! Right? Wrong! At least in the eyes of your colleagues. Artists vs. programmer. You need to defeat all of your colleagues to clarify that your opinion is the only truth. 

BUT!!!! this is not a normal beat 'em up, oh no! The control change after a certain time for that you have to face two enemies. The other player AND the new control. 

An Augmented Reality tower-defence mobile game. Play as a mighty wizard to defence your tower from waves of enemies. Use the power of the elements fire, water, earth and air to get an advantage. But beware. If you use the wrong element you will only get disadvantage.

Once upon a time the princess had a goldfish. But this goldfish was stolen. Now the king orders you and three other brave heroes to bring him back. You and your mighty dragon need to get stronger on your journey to fight against the other heroes and all the evil creatures. Will you be the one to bring the princess's goldfish back?

This bullet-hell game tells the story of Nightmare. She dreams of being a dream. To reach her goal she fights agains hordes of other nightmares and devour innocent dreams. 


The Game Design of "Niemand" (Nobody) is about the digitization of two analogue children games. They are transferred into one video game for adults. The two games are "Wer hat Angst vorm Schwarzen Mann?" (Who is afraid of the black man?) and "Ochs am Berg" / "Statues".